At iO, rather than just telling you about our farms, our growing expertise, and everything else in between we have the ability to show you.

We use cutting-edge technology to give you an inside look into how each fruit has travelled from our farms to your fruit bowl, and the care we have taken at every step of the way to ensure the highest food safety and quality standards are exceeded.

Every time we harvest our fruits, data from each fruit is digitized, which means we can follow each fruit’s journey every   step of the way, right through to when it reaches you:

Tangible Transparency

We are involved in every step of our fruit’s journey to you, from the growing of the produce to transporting it right to your local grocer. This means that we are able to show you the entire journey, from seed and sapling through to the grocery shelf.

True Tracability

With the latest tracing technology, we are able to track each and every one of our iO fruit, so that you know it is of the highest quality.

Accessible Info

With just the simple scanning of a QR code, you can see where it was grown, and the care and quality that goes into the fruit before it gets to you, all at your fingertips.

iO information in your hands….

Scan the iO QR code below with your mobile device to see what it’s like.