Soft citruses, also known as “easy peelers”, are the perfect fruit on-the-go for you to have a lusciously juicy and delicious snack anywhere with ease.

Natural source of vitamin C

Rich in Vitamin C and easy to eat on-the-go, soft citruses are perfect for your daily vitamin C requirement to maintain healthy skin, bones, blood vessels and connective tissues.

Supports gut health

Dietary fibre in soft citruses supports digestive function, helps regulate blood sugar and insulin levels, boosts feelings of fullness, and can even contribute to healthy sleep.

Excellent nutrients for the body

Soft citruses contain potassium, which supports heart function and muscle contractions, as well as maintains fluid and electrolyte balance. Soft citruses also have folate, an essential mineral that can support the brain and nervous system.

Delicious and convenient

Not only are these soft citruses bursting with natural sweetness and great taste, they are also easy to peel and a convenient source for your daily Vitamin C needs.

Easy Peeler Nutritionals

Energy (kcal) 41
Energy (kj) 173
Fat (g) 0.2
of which sugars (g) 0
Carbohydrate (g) 9.6
of which sugars (g) 9.6
Fibre (AOAC) (g) 2
Protein (g) 0.7
Sodium (mg) 1