At iO, we grow nature’s goodness

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We use the best techniques and practices possible, to ensure we deliver you fresh, great tasting and nutritious fruit with each and every bite.

  • Our farms offer the finest growing conditions, from fertile soil to the most suitable climate and exceed required standards.
  • We care for our farms meticulously, from planning through to harvest and handle each piece of iO fruit with consistent care and attention.
  • We use state-of-the-art machinery and technology throughout the process, from farm and crop management, sorting and grading, to transporting, so that our iO fruit reaches you in the most pristine condition.
  • Our fruits are subject to the strictest grading and quality control. We use advanced camera and UV technologies to ensure only the best fruit leaves our farm.

We grow globally to ensure that you have the freshest fruit in-season all year round.

  • Our farms are located across the world – we grow great tasting and high-quality fruit in Europe, South Africa, South America and Asia. This means you can experience iO quality and freshness all year round.
  • We are a family of growers. We work hand in hand with our farmers to ensure we are consistently growing the highest quality fruit at our farms all year round.
  • Despite working globally, we keep everyone close. Our QR code technology gives you an intimate look into the iO family – wherever they are in the world – and how everyone plays their role to bring you fresh, great tasting and nutritious fruit with each and every bite.

Our fruits stay fresher longer

longer shelf life means iO fruit reaches you as fresh as when it left our farms.

We come from one of the most recognised leaders in fruit and fresh produce

iO is part of Jupiter Group, which has two decades of global experience in growing and supplying multiple varieties of grapes, citrus, pineapples, avocados and kiwi fruit. The award-winning company started off as a family business that rapidly grew into the international fresh produce powerhouse it is today.

Recognised for delivering exceptional quality and freshness, iO does not fall far from the Jupiter tree. Together with Jupiter Group, we are continuously uncovering new and exciting varieties to bring you great tasting and high-quality fruit.